In addition to our painting services we also offer a full suite of power washing services. We specialize in cleaning siding, fencing, and decking to prepare for painting and staining. Our services are also ideal for those just looking to clean and freshen up their home. Power washing is a very important part of your overall home maintenance. The removal of mold and mildew not only looks great but can also extend the life of your paints and stains. It also makes it easier to spot problems such as failed caulking and rotting before they become serious.

In addition to these substrates we also specialize in roof cleaning. Our special roof cleaning service removes the unsightly streaks and stains that appear over the years. It also removes any mold and mildew that can grow on your roof. This can help prevent rot and other damage that can eventually lead to a leaking roof. The process is straightforward and can usually be completed in one day.

To learn even more about our washing services or to request your free estimate you can call us at 919.426.3337 or Contact Us online.

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